Unique items made by hand from the Manufaktur Stierbinder in Munich are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, name day, wedding and many other occasions. Choose the right one for your loved ones from our extensive range. We would be happy to advise you personally in our chat or by phone.

leather notebook-brown-initials
Leather notebook with monogram very personal and individual
leather book charite berlin logo
Leather notebooks with logo customer gift
Leather mousepad with monogram. The ideal gift
Stierbinder with monogram
Personalization: monogram, name, coat of arms, logo
Glass coaster from Stephens
Leather coaster for the office - logo
Leather glass coasters
Red suede notebook with monogram big letter
Gift boxes
Stierbinder Greeting cards
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MANUFAKTUR STIERBINDER Leather goods with personalization

In our Munich Manufaktur Manufactured in professionals with love manual work under fair conditions and at German wage standards. 

As one of the oldest materials in human history real leather a very special meaning and cannot be imitated by any other material. Leather item, handmade and personalized, are among the most exclusive gift items ever.

We manufacture leather accessories with monograms, names and logos: pocket emptiers, reporter's pads, vintage leather items, glass coasters, Keyrings, mouse pads, placemats and home accessories. The Made to measure as desired is possible, too. Whether as a single piece, small edition or larger edition: Stierbinder is your contactif you want to shine with special attention from your customers and friends. With our high-quality products, you can leave something special on Fairs or anniversaries a lasting impression.

We value sustainability: Short supply chains and low Co2 emissions are very important to us.
We source all of our raw materials from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Poland. We have optimized our packaging to avoid unnecessary plastic or paper waste. 
The transport takes place with Go Green Co2 neutrally.