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Manufaktur Stierbinder Unique pieces made of leather with personalization

As one of the oldest materials in human history real leather a very special meaning and cannot be imitated by any other material.

Leather item, handmade and personalized, are among the most exclusive gifts.

We manufacture leather accessories with monogram, name and logo: Bags, reporter's blocks, vintage leather items, glass coasters, Keyrings, mouse pads, placemats and home accessories. The Made to measure as desired is possible, too. Whether as a single piece, small edition or larger edition: Stierbinder is your contactif you want to shine with special attention from your customers and friends. With our high-quality products, you can leave something special on Fairs or anniversaries a lasting impression.

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Leather notebooks Made in Bavaria

Anyone who carries a leather notebook with them to record ideas and information day after day should opt for a high-quality design to give their thoughts a worthy framework. At Stierbinder you will find a large selection of beautiful leather notebooks in all formats. Make your choice between elegant black  royalem Blue or a nostalgic brown tone. Optionally, you can also have your company logo or monogram embossed. We manufacture an individual embossing stamp that can be used again and again. The actual amount of the edition is then up to you: treat yourself to your very own leather notebook, or just give away one.

Coaster and Placemats made of genuine leather

Of course, the possibility of personalization is not limited to leather notebooks. Even elegant coasters or placemats can become stylish ambassadors for your company (gastronomy / hotel etc.) if we emboss your logo or coat of arms. Use this opportunity to showcase your branding in a subtle and impressive way! The Stierbinder Glass coasters are available in both a square shape with a side length of 10,5 cm and a circular shape with the same diameter. The highlight are our hand-welted leather coasters. We manufacture placemats individually tailored to your needs.

Pocket emptier with personalization - a stylish accessory for the office and your home 

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for people who already have everything? - The Stierbinder Pocket emptiers off real leather are not only a great eye-catcher, but also fulfill a very practical function: they create order in all the little things that accumulate in your pocket or vest pocket every day. Come home, put your keys, wallet, business cards and smartphone in the empty pocket and relax: what could be nicer? Finally you know you by where things are the next morning. So you can completely indulge your well-deserved evening. Of course, those are also created Stierbinder Pocket emptiers in real handcraft and represent, each for himself, truly unique items. We take care of the personalization according to your wishes, so that your Gift becomes a permanent, unobtrusive advertising medium. Our pocket emptiers are real unique pieces made of leather.

Vintage leather Personal organizer with monogram

Our organizers offer enough space for private and professional organization and ideas. 100% genuine premium leather: delicate suede on the inside and robust smooth leather on the outside, creating a supple, soft and flexible soft cover.
Choose between the trendy vintage leather version and many other leathers such as snake or ostrich. In its basic configuration, the leather appointment planner comes to your home with a manager insert, a current calendar, ruler and pen. The ring mechanism can accommodate all common inserts from all major manufacturers. So you are not bound to us and free with the design of the inner life.
The Stierbinder Organizers are available in different sizes. We are happy to produce your desired size in your favorite color. Our diaries are lovingly handcrafted in Munich from start to finish. Each individual appointment planner is a genuine one-off made of leather.

Particularly suitable as a personal gift.

Reporter blocks aus leder

Thanks to us, they still exist: leather reporter's pads in pocket format 9 x13cm. Stierbinder revives this practical format. It is often much easier than using the smartphone to quickly write something down or to keep a short sketch for later. With a monogram, the reporter pads are ideal small gifts that offer a lot for little money. We would be happy to pack the item you want and add a greeting card with your text.

Of course, we also send directly to your friend. You can do everything conveniently online from home or from the office. We take care of the rest.


The little helper in the A8 + format fits in every shirt and jacket pocket. Quickly write down a phone number, short thoughts or even the shopping list. Our booklet comes to your home either in vintage leather or in loden. Both of course with a monogram if you want. Simply select in the online shop. The little booklet is an inexpensive, elegant and personal little gift (e.g. as a souvenir).

Felt and Jeans Notebooks

The cover of the Stierbinder Felt notebooks consists of the finest Merino loden of the traditional Austrian company Steiner1888. Absolute top loden of the top premium class. This loden is used for the finest traditional costumes in the world. Stierbinder You can buy loden books with a wide variety of features. You like it completely free and individually then choose the block in Florentine ribbed blank paper. Rather checkered or lined, no problem. The elastic closure band, document holder, pen holder and bookmark are part of the basic equipment. We apply personalization to an “embedded” leather patch. 

Our jeans notebooks we manufacture from used jeans using the upcycling process. Each book is completely individual and you can customize it just like the loden book.

Mousepads and Keyrings 

A monogrammed mouse pad is a useful and very personal gift. The recipient will be happy every day. The Stierbinder Mousepads are very hard-wearing and do not slip because real suede is laminated on the underside.

Our leather key fobs are a small souvenir or a cheap but high-quality giveaway for your customers. Can of course be personalized with the monogram name and logo.

 Manufaktur Stierbinder Leather gifts - what can we do for you? 

Do you have your own ideas about which genuine leather gift you would like to give to your friends, employees or customers? - Please just let us know.